Building Redevelopment

Building Progress at 15 September 2019

Those observing the site will have seen great progress over the past 4 weeks.

After overcoming some inground challenges the team at Hutchinson’s have pushed go.

All ground floor concrete is complete.

All first floor structural concrete is complete.

We can see the large crane placing the upper floor’s structural steel in place with this due for completion within the next four weeks.

For the ground level the concrete pour stays are due for removal over the next two weeks at which time the mechanical services will commence roughing in.

It is great to see the facility taking shape.

The project has seen it’s share of challenges that have meant we will not have possession for this summer, however we are hopeful of a partial handover in mid-December of the lower level.


Philanthropic Campaign

Jan Juc SLSC is getting close to “all systems go”, with the redevelopment of the clubhouse just around the corner.

  • All Statutory permissions have been obtained
  • Federal, State & Local Funding is locked in
  • Demolition is completed.
  • Building has commenced. Retaining works are currently underway with excavation for the slab to follow.
  • We are currently seeking all in-kind products to be confirmed.

We need your help!

All club members, local business and community can help us reach our goal of a DEBT FREE REBUILD before demolition commences. Any debt owing on the new building will increase the need to commercialise the facility and potentially impact member use of the lounge, bar and kitchen areas.


  1. There is space in the new facility to recognise 100 members that contribute to keeping the facility debt free! – 20 already sold
  • Payment plans available (total cost $1,800)
    • 24 payments of $75 per month (January start)
    • $100 per month (Feb or March sign ups)
    • Flexible plans available to suit your budget
  • Create your own message or add your name or family names to your tread to be a permanent part of the new building
  • Download this Buy a Tread Donation Form
  • For more information or to answer any questions email
  1. Only 15 spaces have been allocated for major contributors that donate $10,000 – 10 spaces left!

All donations are Tax Deductible.


Re-Build Overview

Jan Juc SLSC is planning to replace the existing dilapidated clubhouse facilities.

After seven years and many thousands of volunteer hours, the redevelopment project has achieved some significant milestones recently on its long-awaited Clubhouse Rebuild Project.

Work has been continuing at a frenetic pace across a number of fronts over the last few months as we move toward our goal of commencing demolition of our existing facility and construction of the new Clubhouse in 2018.

All of this hard work has resulted in the achievement of the following milestones over the last few weeks including:

  • Submission of the Coastal Management Act Plan to DELWP.
  • Presenting to the Victorian State Architects
  • Two community engagement sessions
  • Two club engagement sessions
  • Key User workshops
  • 3D Visualizations photos
  • Coastal Hazard Vulnerability Assessment –  Water Technology
  • Geotechnical Report
  • Preliminary Structural Advice
  • Underground Services Scan + Survey GEO Scan
  • Authority Applications
  • Native Vegetation Assessment
  • Existing Use Rights Legal
  • Cultural Heritage Due Diligence


In January 2017 the corner stone of our funding was secured with the Federal Government pledging $2 million dollars.

In May 2017 we were pleased to receive a grant of $2 million dollars from the Victorian State Government.

In June 2017 the Surf Coast Shire recognised the funding requirement for Surf Clubs and committed $250,000 to our project.

In June 2014, the RACV contributed $150,000 to the project.

Members have agreed at the Annual General Meeting to a level of debt which has been offered by Bendigo Bank.

The planning application has been approved as such we will be seeking in kind support.

A philanthropic group has been established and this will be given priority in the next month.

With all of these achievements bringing the start date closer, raising the remainder of the required funds is now a key priority. 

However, the "Help us Rebuild" appeal is at a critical point and needs your urgent financial support. With the vast majority of donations so far coming from non-member community supporters and other Organisations, its critical that members make a contribution towards their new Clubhouse now. All donations are fully tax deductible, with amounts over $1000 to be recognized in the new building.  I strongly encourage you to give as much as you reasonably can to our fundraising appeal so that we can rebuild our rapidly deteriorating Clubhouse. 


The design of the new clubhouse has been a collaborative effort, involving many stakeholders. Andrew from AD Architects, the BSC, community groups, DEWLP, GORRC, Club members & community members.

The end result of this collaboration is an amazing looking building that will make Jan Juc one of the best community facilities on the coast. Materials are sympathetic to the surrounding environment and aim at minimizing the visual effect of the new facility.


Cameron from St Quentin has managed our document preparation and submission for authority approval process.

In June 2017 we presented plans to DWELP following feedback from the State Architects and received in principle approval to move forward to the preparation of a planning application with Surf Coast Shire.

In July 2017 a formal planning application was lodged with the Surf Coast Shire. On the 24th November 2017 the Surf Coast Shire confirmed our planning permit approval.


We selected seven building contractors for the tender process. After extensive review we signed a building contract in November and preliminary site works will commence in January 2019.

The demolition has been completed. Construction has commenced, starting with a large retaining wall. Excavation will follow for the main structure.


A new lease over our existing site has always been a pre-condition for receiving planning approval. However with negotiations between Life Saving Victoria (LSV) and the Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning (DELWP) in respect of a lease template for all Victorian surf life saving clubs progressing slowly, we have nearly completed discussions with GORRC on lease conditions.

Future Operations

The new building has been designed to provide greater opportunity for member and community use all year around. Most importantly, the clubhouse has been designed with the future operating requirements of a modern lifesaving club in mind, providing capacity to adapt to changes in lifesaving equipment and techniques and ensuring that our primary lifesaving services continue to operate at the levels expected at Jan Juc SLSC.

The development of the new clubhouse truly is a once in a lifetime project and will provide outstanding facilities for the enjoyment of current and future members of the Jan Juc SLSC.  Most importantly, the development of the new clubhouse will support the delivery of our purpose, which is to protect all those who choose to enjoy the beautiful Jan Juc Beach.


Thank you also to the countless others who have given their time and insights to the Project along the journey, either through previous iterations of the Building Sub-Committee or for specialist advice and assistance.

Peter Smith


JJSLSC Project Control Group Committee
Vice President JJSLSC Board



The original clubhouse was built in 1963 and has been extended over time, but now has a number of structural problems and has reached the end of its useful life. From this base, Jan Juc SLSC has proudly provided essential Lifesaving Services on a beach which Lifesaving Victoria rates as “Highly Hazardous”.

Jan Juc SLSC was founded in 1963 and has a proud tradition and history of providing essential surf lifesaving services to the public for more than 50 years. Membership of the Club has increased by more than 60% over the last 6 years and we currently have approximately 950 members and growing alumni of over 2,000 current and past members. Predicted membership growth indicates we will reach 1,500 members by 2025.

Our Club is the focal point and embedded within the local community and yet despite being financially secure, well managed and with a strategic vision for a sustainable future, we face our greatest challenge that we cannot resolve alone. The Jan Juc SLSC is in desperate need of funding to maintain its role as a life saving organisation on one of Victoria’s most challenging surf beaches.

Our Clubhouse and facilities no longer meet current demand, let alone the growing demands posed by the significant population growth of Armstrong Creek and Spring Creek developments and significant increases in tourism.

If Jan Juc SLSC is to continue to serve the public for another 50 years, it needs a new building that not only fulfils our core needs but those of the broader community and public as a multi-purpose recreation/educational facility.

While falling under Emergency Services Victoria – Jan Juc SLSC is a self funded organisation, rasing funds to patrol the beach through memberships, events and other fundraising activites.

The current estimate to build the new Club is $6.0 – 6.5 million.  The State Government pledge will go some way to meeting this cost…and a Club Building and Philanthropic Campaign is also underway in an attempt to raise the other millions needed.

A new Clubhouse will:

  • Improve the provision of life saving services, safety and emergency access
  • Provide a regional training facility for the Barwon and surrounding districts
  • Increase membership capacity and provide year round access
  • Provide a multi-purpose flexible meeting space for community activity and functions
  • Provide public toilets and a café that will assist fundraising and income generation
  • Support and maximise community, tourism and business opportunities
  • Provide a design sympathetic to the coastal setting, whilst responding to the brief and constraints



Below is a summary of the Planning Submission:

JJSLSC Planning Submission Sept 2017

JJSLSC Planning Submission Sept 2017 - p23
JJSLSC Planning Submission Sept 2017 - p24

JJSLSC Planning Submission Sept 2017 - p35

JJSLSC Planning Submission Sept 2017 - p36

JJSLSC Planning Submission Sept 2017 - p37

JJSLSC Planning Submission Sept 2017 - p38