Signing Up for 2019/2020

To ensure you are adequately insured – particularly if you train and compete (pool and IRB) during the winter months – renew your annual membership by 1 July 2019.

Your membership is not active until ALL membership components – application/renewal (with membership & liability declarations), payment and WWCC – are received and processed by the Club Office.

Acceptance or rejection of any membership request is at the Board's discretion, refer to Jan Juc SLSC Constitution, Part II Clause 8.4.

Download the 2019-2020 Fee Schedule​ for a full list of membership categories and fees.

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Membership Request

EACH Club member (including Life Members and ALL participating family members) must submit a Membership Request as it contains your membership & liability declarations.

Returning Individual - Membership Renewal

  • Ensure you have created a Members Area account prior to starting the renewal process.
  • Go to Members Area > Memberships > Renewals, Payments & Transfers and click the ‘Renew’ button.
  • You will be directed to Online Payments for your payment.

Returning Family - Membership Renewal

  • Ensure you have created a Members Area account prior to starting the renewal process.
  • One adult's account per family is sufficient as parents can renew their own, their spouse's and their children's memberships.
  • At least one parent of a nipper must also renew.
  • Go to Members Area > Family and click the "Renew Memberships" link.
    • Select (tick) each member to be renewed. 
    • Tick the declaration and submit.
  • You will be directed to Online Payments for your Family Payment.

New Family Member - Membership Application

To join up another family member who is new to the club:

  • Go to Members Area > Family and click the "View/Edit" link.
    • Click the "Join New Person & Add" button.
    • Complete the application form and submit.
  • You will be directed to Online Payments, ensure a payment has been received for this person either now or previously with the Family Payment.

New Members - Membership Application

  • At least one parent of a nipper must also submit an application.
  • Click here to submit a Membership Application.
  • Remember to create a Members Area account after your Membership Application has been approved by the Club.

Transferring from another club

  • Ensure you have created a Members Area account prior to starting the transfer process. 
  • Go to Members Area > Memberships > Renewals, Payments & Transfers and click the 'Join/Transfer to a new organisation' link.
  • You will be directed to Online Payments for your Membership Payment.
  • Contact your existing club if you are having any trouble submitting the request.

Membership Payment

  • Make your payment – a single fee for either:
    • An individual membership;
    • All memberships covered by the Family Payment.
  • Discounted, online fees are displayed when you make your payment.
    • A discount applies when both:
      • fees are received via SLSA Payment Gateway; and
      • Membership Applications/Renewals are received online.
    • Please create meaningful descriptions for each transaction entered – this will help the office and you track your payments over the season.
  • If you didn't follow the Online Payments link at the end of the Membership Renewal/Application step, then:
    • Returning members – pay via Members Area >  Memberships > Renewals, Payments & Transfers and click the "Make Payment" link.
    • New members – pay here, please ensure you list Jan Juc as the "Entity to Pay".
      • Payments made via this link are not recorded on your transaction history and should only be used until your Membership Application is processed and you can create your Members Area account.

Working With Children Check (WWCC)

  • ALL members MUST have a WWCC Card if they are age 18+ and:
    • patrol
    • are Nipper parents
    • assist with junior programs
    • wish to access the change rooms
  • You must provide evidence that your WWCC has Jan Juc SLSC and Life Saving Victoria as registered organisations. 
  • Go to our Member & Child Protection webpage for further details.
  • Visit the Department of Justice's Working with Children website to change existing card details or apply for a new card. Contact their Customer Support Line on 1300 652 879 for any issues registering for a WWCC.



Nipper Registration

In addition to your membership components (above), you MUST submit the correct Age Group Nipper Registration form for any nipper who wishes to particpate in the Nipper Programs. 

Preliminary Swim Assessment for Nippers

Evidence of the nipper’s swimming competency MUST be provided before participating in any water-based activities, Evidence can take the form of:

  1. A nipper’s Competition Skills Evaluation (S-Badge) from the 2018/2019 season.
  2. Assessment by the Age Group Coach at the Competition Program session on 13 October 2019.
  3. Return of this Preliminary Swim Assessment form to the Age Group Team Manager after it is signed by a parent AND a qualified coach/swim teacher/lifeguard. This form is MANDATORY for all U7-U9 nippers and any new nippers in other age groups if you miss the assessment opportunity on 13 October.

Nipper Communications

Nipper families:

  1. You are encouraged to register for Team App as Nipper communications are issued via this medium (including urgent relocation instructions).
  2. Communications are also sent to the email address and mobile phone number recorded for nippers – not the address and mobile phone number for the nipper parent.

To hire a board, competitors should head to our Hiring a Board webpage.

A current list of merchandise and prices are available on our Juc Shop web page.

Members (age 18+) agree to adhere to the LSV Commitment Statement to Child Safety which can be viewed on the LSV Member Welfare webpage


If you would like more information on becoming a member please contact the Club Office.