Juc Shop

The Jan Juc SLSC has a variety of merchandise available for sale (click on the headings below to see our range). Current availability, sizes and prices are detailed on the Club's TeamApp Store.

To purchase any items, please visit:

  • The TeamApp Store
    • Delivered to next Sunday Nipper session for items ordered before 2:30pm on the previous Club Office business day
  • Clubhouse (when clubhouse is not closed for COVID-19 lockdown)
    • Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30-2:30pm
    • Sundays from 9-10am when Nipper sessions are at Jan Juc Beach

Club Merchandise


1 Piece (Aquatak) – Chlorine resistant






1 Piece (Finz)






1 Piece Sports Back (Engine)










1 Piece X Back (Engine)










2 Piece (Aquatak) – Chlorine resistant






2 Piece (Finz)






2 Piece Sports Back (Engine)










Briefs (Aquatak) – Chlorine resistant






Briefs (Finz)

no image


Briefs (Engine) – previous style






Briefs (Engine) – Current style










Jammers (Aquatak) – Chlorine resistant






Jammers (Engine)










Jammers (Finz)







Short Sleeve T-Shirt – Navy






Long Sleeve T-Shirt – White





Hooded Sweater






Polar Fleece – Navy (States 2020)






Deck Coat






Deck Parka










Shorts – Volley






Shorts – Running







Caps & Hats

Peak Cap






Bucket Hat







Beanie with or without Pom Pom



Club Cap






Latex Swimming Cap








Hooded Towel






Competition Rash Vest – Pink






Goggles (various colours)






Face Masks