Cadets are members of the Club aged 13 – 14yrs who are in a transitional year and will gain their Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC) or who have already gained their SRC, but are not yet old enough to do their Bronze Medallion. This can often be a difficult two years of surf lifesaving where members are moving from the Junior section of the Club into the Senior section and are unsure of their place within the Club. Any members who are finding the transition difficult or confusing should contact their Junior Club Captain for advice.
What can you do?
Summer Holiday Program – if you are Under 14 you will be training to obtain your SRC. When you have completed your SRC you will attend the Summer Holiday Program and be asked to assist with a younger Age Group. This may include some Water Safety hours.
Water Safety – use your skills to ensure the safety of competitors during Surf Lifesaving Carnivals and our own fundraising event the Danger Ocean Swim Series.  Every hour of Water Safety hours equals half an hour for patrol hours and goes towards your overall patrol hours.
Rostered Patrols – you will be placed in a rostered patrol. See the Patrol Roster for times.
You may only want attend your own patrol or you may also wish to assist with the Summer Holiday Program. This is fine. You choose your level of involvement.