Surf Education Managers

Becoming a Surf Ed Manager is part of the Junior Development Pathways. Junior members are encouraged to become Surf Ed Managers. This means you would be responsible for an age group in the Summer Holiday Program. As you yourself have completed the Summer Holiday Program, you would remember how much fun you had and how great the Surf Ed Managers were teaching you all those surf skills. You will be given the resources and taught the skills needed to deliver a fun and educational program to nippers aged from 6 – 12. Being a Surf Ed Manager is very rewarding and will provide you with leadership skills which will remain with you for life!
What do I need to do to become a Surf Ed Manager?
Well, first of all you need to hold a current Bronze Medallion. Secondly, you need to attend an Age Group Manager Course. A course will be offered in December of each season.
What if I don’t have my Bronze Medallion?
That’s OK. If you hold a current Surf Rescue Certificate you can apply to become a Surf Ed Assistant. Assistants are necessary to help the Surf Ed Managers.
What if I am Under 14 and have just gained my SRC?
You can apply to become a Water Safety Officer for the Summer Holiday Program.
How do I go about applying to become a Surf Ed Manager, Surf Ed Assistant or Water Safety Officer?
Just contact the Nippers' Manager.