Patrol Roster

Patrol Rosters

Due to Coronavirus restrictions, the Juc Operations Team are having to employ changes to the 2020/21 patrol season to ensure our members remain safe while patrolling the beach. 

This season we are required to develop a Operations COVID-safe plan as well as abide by the LSV road map and lifesaving operations guidelines while patrolling. This may leave us in a position where we are only able to patrol with our six – seven core members in order to meet physical distancing rules and ensure all awards are covered in-accordance to the SOP.

Please complete this short survey, so we can gauge active members' intentions for the upcoming season. Please select the options which best fit your circumstances and what you are hoping to achieve throughout the season. The patrol season starts Saturday 28 November and finishes Sunday 18 April. 

Please note that if you intend on applying for a LSV Lifeguard position you will need to complete volunteer patrol hours. 

LSV patrol scenario estimates: 

  • November: B, Modified Activity – restricted to 6 – 7 members 
  • December: B, Modified Activity – restricted to 6 – 7 members (dependent on state government restrictions)
  • January: TBC
  • February: TBC
  • March: TBC
  • April: TBC

If we are in a position that restrictions have eased, we will open up our patrol teams to include all active members. In a similar process to last year, active members will be able to allocate themselves to patrols which they are available for. All active members will be required to meet the LSV minimum patrol hour requirement of 16 hours. 

Another thing of note is that in order to run our Nippers program we are going to need a lot more people to provide water safety and first aid roles. This is an option that we can provide to our members to get patrols hours if they are unable to patrol. Please select this option in the survey if you are available for this. 

If you have an queries about the season, please do not hesitate to get in contact with Grace at 

Patrol Survey Link:


Patrol Hours

You can easily check how many patrol hours you have done via Members Area > Patrols. Your patrol hours will be entered into Surfguard the week after your patrol.


Patrol Hour Requirements prior to competing

Refer to our Patrol Hours Required to Compete webpage.