Members’ Guides

Your 2018-2019 Members Handbook is your one stop guide to information regarding all areas of the Jan Juc SLSC – what you can expect and what is expected of you as a member. It contains information on how the club is managed, equipment use, expectations, patrolling protocols, competition requirements and a description of where everything is.

Also visit our Code of Conduct webpage.

NOTE: The Jan Juc SLSC Board conducts an end-of-season membership review and determines, pursuant to Part II Clause 8.4 (a) of the Jan Juc SLSC Constitution, whether they will accept or reject a membership application for the following season.

LSV's current Volunteers' Insurance Guidelines are accurate although light on detail. Until the new version of these guidelines are published, please contact Lifesaving Club Development Administration Coordinator, Carly McKnight on 03 9676 6934 to discuss the process over the phone.