Surf Rescue Certificate

Dates:   Saturday 18 to Tuesday 21 December 2021 (24 hours)

Time:    9am – 4pm each day

Venue: Jan Juc SLSC

Cost:    $50

Full details in the SRC – December 2021 – Registration Information pack. To secure a place on this course, ALL of the following are required by Friday 10 December 2021. Registrations will close once the 16 available places are filled. (A second course can be opened if full.)

  1. Complete your Jan Juc SLSC 2021/2022 Membership
  2. Submit the online Jan Juc SLSC Registration Form
  3. Pay the full course fees – click here to submit
  4. Complete the LSV Online Course Registration (via attendee's Members Area account – refer instructions below)
  5. Double dose of COVID-19 vaccination and submitted certificate on LSV Vaccination Status Form

The following MUST be brought with you on the first day of the course (Saturday 18th December):

  1. A completed Timed Pool Swim (paper form)

Candidates are required to purchase the online version of the Public Safety & Aquatic Rescue Training Manual 35th Edition from SLSA Shop  for $10.


Create a Members Area account

All attendees will need their own Members Area account.

  1. Find the name, date of birth and either the phone number or email address recorded for the attendee:
    • Log in to the parent's Members Area account
    • Navigate to Memberships > Family
    • Click the ‘View/Edit’ link.
    • Click the 'Edit' link beside the attendee's name
  2. Click here to create a new account for the attendee. 
    • Name, date of birth and either the phone number or email address entered must match those on the attendees Membership Record.