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Proudly patrolling since 1963

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Nipper Volunteers

The Nippers program is able to be offered through the awesome efforts of volunteers....

There are many opportunities for you to volunteer and enjoy the rewards of:

  1. Being part of a fun team of volunteers
  2. Sharing the Nippers experience with your kid(s) at a deeper level
  3. Building your own skills and qualifications
  4. Being part of the action (you will spend a lot of time on the beach as your kids go through Nippers, so you might as well get out there and have fun at the same time)

Some of the roles require Surf Life Saving Australia qualifications. If you haven’t got a qualification, don’t let that put you off volunteering for the role. The club will support you in obtaining the qualification – some are short online courses, some involve face to face training and practical's. The face to face training and practical's are provided in a fun, inclusive and supportive environment with fellow club members. This is a great way for you to learn and build skills at the same time as your Nipper.

An overview of the volunteer roles for each age group is provided below:



Team Managers

Be the glue that pulls the annual Nipper program together for each age group and be the oil that makes it run smoothly.


Lead a fun and challenging program with the reward of seeing Nippers grow in confidence and capabilities and building your leadership skills at the same time.


Enable our Nippers to compete by providing this key role of officiating the events for the age group your Nipper is competing in. The club needs to provide a ratio of officials when we enter Nippers in carnivals.

This role also gives you a front line, behind the scenes view of your Nipper competing.

Water Safety

Be in the water, swimming alongside and riding the waves with your Nipper whilst keeping the group safe.

As part of this role, the club will support you in obtaining and maintaining your Bronze Medallion. Adult helpers are key to making our Nippers sessions work, but unless you have your Bronze Medallion, you are actually adding to the numbers that we need to provide water safety for.

First aiders

Hopefully we don’t need you, but if we do your skills will be very much appreciated.

An overview of the volunteer roles for the Nippers Committee is provided below:



Nippers Committee member

Be part of a fun and supportive team that shapes and delivers the annual Nippers program.

Enjoy the rewarding experience of seeing the development and growth in the Nippers participants and volunteers as well as the happy faces of parents and families.

Program Manager

Coordinate a team of passionate volunteers and oversee the implementation of the Nippers program.

Team Managers Coordinator

Make the Nippers program hum by recruiting and developing team managers for each age group.

Communications Coordinator

Be the voice of the nippers program, engaging existing and future members.

Coaching Coordinator

Be the Yoda of the coaches

Carnival Coordinator

Guide us through the carnival process and get our Nippers to the start line.

Jan Juc / Torquay Friendly Carnival Coordinator

Bring out the friendly rivalry between Jan Juc and Torquay and enjoy the social buzz.

Summer Program Coordinator

Make a summer holiday to remember for Nippers and their families whilst developing our leaders of the future.

Swim assessment and Surf Ed Coordinator

Certify us!

Water Safety Coordinator

Keep us safe!

Water Safety Supervisors

Keep us safe and in line!

First Aid Coordinator

The First of all the First Aiders

Equipment Coordinator

You’ve got all the gear and no idea.

Board Coordinator

You won’t be board in this role!

Catering and Social Coordinator

Create the ‘vibe’

Door Knock Coordinator

Show me the money

Kiosk Coordinator

Wake up and smell the coffee

Training Coordinator

Make us more ‘cleverer’







    The Jan Juc SLSC has proudly patrolled the Jan Juc beach since 1963 and is a volunteer, family oriented club offering Life Saving Services, Nippers Surf Education and Surf Sports Program, Senior Surf Sports Competition and Training.

    Jan Juc Surf Life Saving Club Inc. 
     Office0475 265 820
     Location10 Clubhouse Road, Jan Juc
     Postal AddressPO Box 179, Torquay, Victoria, 3228
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