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Proudly patrolling since 1963

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Help with the running of the Nippers program. Click here to register your interest (register form)

If you haven’t got a qualification, don’t let that put you off volunteering for the role. The club will support you in obtaining the qualification.





Who’s volunteered

Nippers Committee member

Be part of a fun and supportive team that shapes and delivers the annual Nippers program.

Enjoy the rewarding experience of seeing the development and growth in the Nippers participants and volunteers as well as the happy faces of parents and families.

  • All Coordinator roles form the Nippers Committee
  • The Nippers Committee is responsible for  overseeing the ongoing development and successful implementing the annual Nippers program.


Refer to Coordinator roles

Program Manager

Coordinate a team of passionate volunteers and oversee the implementation of the Nippers program.

  • Chair Nippers Committee
  • Organise Coordinator roles
  • Set annual calendar of events and sessions and oversee implementation
  • Provide updates on Nippers program and requirements to the Juniors Manager
  • Manage the Nippers budget
  • Attend Jan Juc SLSC committee/sub-committee meetings as required
  • Liaise with LSV and attend LSV meetings/conferences as required
  • Run a briefing for parents and Nippers at the beginning of each session

Short online Age Managers Course

Short online Safeguarding Children and Young People Course access guide

Shaun Cumming and Daniel Mugavin

Team Managers Coordinator

Make the Nippers program hum by recruiting and developing team managers for each age group.

  • Develop and maintain team managers guide
  • Recruit team managers for each age group
  • Brief and mentor team managers
  • Manage Age group lists and Nipper App
  • Organise S-badge swims and update completed in Nipper App
  • Manage completion of Surf Ed Awards (including Surf Ed booklet, First Aid and S-badge) and update details in Nipper App to be approved by LSV

Short online Age Managers Course

Short online Safeguarding Children and Young People Course access guide

Carolyn Russel

Communications Coordinator

Be the voice of the nippers program, engaging existing and future members.

  • Promote the Nippers Program via Social Media, School newsletters, Newspapers, etc
  • Monitor and answer all email and Social Media enquiries re: Nippers
  • Liaise with club office manager (Sue) to answer questions
  • Update and manage Team App
  • Update and manage MailChimp
  • Collate and send Nipper newsletter weekly during the season
  • Issue communications about sessions, carnivals, events, training, volunteer requests


Kate Walsh

Coaching Coordinator

Be the Yoda of the coaches

  • Develop and maintain coaches guide
  • Recruit coaches for each age group
  • Brief and mentor coaches
  • Hold pre session coaches briefing with water safety
  • Grow competition nipper numbers over all age groups
  • Work with the coaches to help maximise competition nippers training programs
  • Track carnival performance and help coaches plan and develop future carnival strategies

Online Age Managers Course

Online Safeguarding Children and Young People Course access guide

Daniel Mugavin

Carnival Coordinator

Guide us through the carnival process and get our Nippers to the start line.

  • Arrange Jan Juc carnivals
  • Liaise with and read information from LSV regarding carnivals
  • Liaise with and update Team Managers with information from LSV regarding carnivals
  • Organise water safety and officials for carnivals
  • Train Team Managers on how to use Sport App
  • Ensure Team Managers have entered all competitors for carnivals via Sport App


Kylie Jane (supported by Carolyn Russel)

Jan Juc / Torquay Friendly Carnival Coordinator

Bring out the friendly rivalry between Jan Juc and Torquay and enjoy the social buzz.

  • Work with Torquay to organise the annual friendly carnival, including:
  • Events program
  • Awards
  • Liaising with water safety, first aid, equipment and catering coordinators for set up and running of the events
  • Briefing team managers and coaches at the event


Kylie Jane (supported by Carolyn Russel)

Summer Program Coordinator

Make a summer holiday to remember for Nippers and their families whilst developing our leaders of the future.

  • Organise programming and activities for Summer program, including liaising with Surf Ed Coordinator, First Aid Coordinator (for first aid night), Catering Coordinator for First Aid Night, Door Knock/Welcome to Nippers evening & Summer Surf Ed Presentation Night
  • Coordinator Surf Ed Leaders including organising lists and folders
  • Recruit activity helpers/coaches for each session during program
  • Organise t-shirts and hats for Surf Ed Leaders
  • Organise awards and prizes for Summer Surf Ed Presentation Night

Short online Age Managers Course

Short online Safeguarding Children and Young People Course access guide

Volunteer needed – please register your interest

Swim assessment and Surf Ed Coordinator

Certify us!

  • Organise preliminary swim assessment sessions and ensure all Nippers have completed a preliminary swim assessment
  • Organise S-badge swims and update completed in Nipper App
  • Update and organise printing of Surf Education booklets
  • Mark Surf Ed booklets and register completion on spreadsheet to go towards Surf Ed award
  • Liaise with club office manager for printing of Surf Ed certificates 


Volunteer needed – please register your interest

Water Safety Coordinator

Keep us safe!

  • Co-ordinate resources to ensure Nippers sessions can be run in compliance with LSV’s water safety SOP, including:
  • Appointing a Water safety supervisor/s for each Nippers session as required
  • Appointing IRB driver and crew where required
  • Develop emergency plans and brief Water Safety Supervisor, Coaches, Team Managers and Water Safety on them
  • Maintain lifesaving equipment used for Nippers, liaising with other club representatives as required
  • Help plan water safety personnel training, ensuring sufficient skill coverage with respect to recommended LSV awards
  • Give Water Safety log to club secretary at various times throughout the season so hours can be recorded
  • Provide training to age managers, coaches, water safety re the correct procedures and requirements

SLSA Bronze Medallion and it is strongly recommended they also hold the Silver Medallion Basic Beach Management certificate.

Nathan Gillard

Water Safety Supervisors

Keep us safe and in line!

  • Recruit water safety numbers for each session
  • Do water safety risk assessment at the beginning of each Nipper session and monitor throughout
  • Coordinate decision if Nippers needs to be moved from Jan Juc to front beach due to dangerous conditions
  • Advise on beach set-up (liaise with Patrol captain/ Lifeguard if present when setting up the beach)
  • Brief water safety as required
  • Ensure radios are distributed to relevant people on the beach at Nipper training sessions (where required)
  • Ensure patrol log book is available for each session
  • Log in with LSV (LSV Comms) at the beginning and sign out at the end of sessions
  • Be responsible for overall supervision of the session  
  • Work with team managers to ensure water safety ratios are covered in each age group during sessions
  • Ensure water safety are using correct equipment during training sessions
  • Co-ordinate rescues and emergencies as required

Bronze Medallion and it is strongly recommended they also hold the Silver Medallion Basic Beach Management certificate. The club will be organising a Silver Medallion session in the off season.

Volunteers needed – please register your interest

First Aid Coordinator

  • Co-ordinate a roster for First Aid at each training session
  • Organise First Aid night in partnership with Summer Program Co-ordinators
  • Organise 'make up' First Aid session for those unable to attend First Aid night
  • Maintain first aid kit for overall nippers and each age group

First Aid

Heidi Taylor

Equipment Coordinator

You’ve got all the gear and no idea.

  • Coordinate volunteers to set up for each nippers session:
    • all rescue equipment is available, on the beach and in good condition for each Nipper session
    • Nipper age group flags and areas are set up for each session
    • trailer pack / set up equipment for each session and carnival
    • towing of the trailer for Nipper sessions and carnivals
    • orgainsing water safety equipment and marquees for carnivals
  • Organise Age group coloured tubs for the season (including a set of beach flags/relay batons, balls for games and other game equipment that can be used for sessions)
  • Maintenance and repairs for nippers equipment trailer and bbq trailer


Daniel Bradshaw

Board Coordinator

You won’t be board in this role!

  • Co-ordinate board hire and distribution of club boards
  • Repair or organise for damaged boards to be repaired
  • Organise board return day and chase up return boards


Roger Green

Catering and Social Coordinator

Create the ‘vibe’

  • Developing and coordinating a social calendar for the Nippers program
  • Coordinator weekly BBQ volunteers (set up / pack, catering and cooking)
  • Organise catering for:
    • Summer Program > First Aid Night, Door Knock/Welcome to Nippers evening & Summer Surf Ed Presentation Night
    • 'end of Surf Sports' season Presentation Night/Day
    • Jan Juc / Torquay Friendly Carnival
    • States Saturday night function

Food handling

Daniel Trujilloescomel

Door Knock Coordinator

Show me the money

  • Organise the annual Door Knock


Volunteers needed – please register your interest

Kiosk Coordinator

Wake up and smell the coffee

  • Manage the kiosk stocking and operations
  • Manage kiosk volunteers

Food handling

Volunteers needed – please register your interest

Training Coordinator

Make us more ‘cleverer’

  • Liaise with the Water Safety Coordinator, Coach Coordinator and Team Manager Coordinator to determine training needs and numbers
  • Work with the club Training Manager to arrange training courses
  • Recruit participants for training sessions


Chris Symes

Jan Juc Surf Life Saving Club is an inclusive, welcoming and family-oriented Club that supports and nurtures participation from all community members. From nippers through to life members, our Club’s focus is split equally between building community and safety in the water. 









The Jan Juc SLSC has proudly patrolled the Jan Juc beach since 1963 and is a volunteer, family oriented club offering Life Saving Services, Nippers Surf Education and Surf Sports Program, Senior Surf Sports Competition and Training.

Jan Juc Surf Life Saving Club Inc.

Office: 0475 265 820

10 Clubhouse Road, Jan Juc

Postal Address:

PO Box 179, Torquay, Victoria, 3228

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