Parent Information

Nippers is an exciting recreational and educational program for all kids with a keen interest in being active and safe around water.  The number of participating Nippers is growing as our region grows.  
Successful programs are only made possible from the support of motivated parents and parent helpers.  These parents are volunteers and assist for the love of both the movement and the sport of lifesaving.  More importantly they love supporting Nippers because it's outdoors and keeps kids active. 
What can I do as a parent?
All the people who make nippers happen each year are volunteers and in most cases interested parents.  There are many jobs to be done to make our programs successful but here are few to get you thinking:
For Your Child
Be around for support
Offer encouraging words
Be available with towels, sunscreen, hat & goggles etc
For your Age Group Manager
Help them out with setting up an activity if they need it
Let them know if they are doing a good job
If your child is disrupting the group please step in and assist the Age Group Manager/Coach where required
Tell them about any fears or special needs your child may have
At Surf Ed & Training sessions
Help take boards, cones, hoses etc down to the beach
Help take boards, cones, hoses etc back up to the club
Help in the kitchen so the nippers have food and drinks
Help in the shop
Be the first aid person at a session
At Training sessions & Carnivals
Put your wetsuit on and help in the shallows
Get your Bronze and help with water safety
Help the coach with any activities
Provide some coaching* at regular sessions
Assist at carnivals by helping to look after a Jan Juc age group
Be an official 
For the Club
Help out at fundraising activities such as the Door Knock, Bells Bash Cliff Top Run, Danger Ocean Swim Series, intersection collections etc
Provide sponsorship from your company
Help organise a social activity for the nippers – it really helps them make friends on and off the beach!
       * Regular Coaches are expected to have a level 1 coaches Certificate but assistance can always be useful
Parents can also take on committee roles and other administrative tasks.  Please see the Nippers Manager for more information.

Tips for Parents