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Expenses to be Reimbursed?

Reimbursement from the club MUST be made by completing a Expenses Reimbursement Claim Form, attaching all the associated receipts and returning them to the club office within 2 weeks of the purchase. (The form must be downloaded before filling in the fillable form fields, as browsers have a built in pdf-viewer that do not operate correctly with Adobe fillable forms.)

Expense Reimbursement Process

There is a process in place for when you need to spend money on the Club’s behalf. Our preference is that Members don’t need to outlay their cash on Club expenditure but this isn’t always practical or able to be done. If you do need to make purchases for the Club please carefully note the following:

  • The purchase must be approved by the Board Member in charge of the relevant area and should have a purchase order raised for it.
    • This may seem annoying but with a Club as big as ours it is important that we are able to track what expenditure we are making and ensure that it is within our budgets.
    • Areas and their current Board Member are:
      • Life Saving Services – Grace Lightfoot
      • Lifesaving Skills Development – Finn Dripps
      • Competition – Tim Watson
      • Juniors – Brett Thompson
      • Sponsorship & Fundraising – Marcus Dripps
      • Finance Manager – Melissa Field
  • Complete the Expenses Reimbursement Claim Form and have it signed by the Board Member.
  • Forward it to the Club Office with all relevant receipts.
  • Make sure that we receive all the info within two weeks for prompt payment.
  • If you submit the claim without the relevant Board Member’s signature don’t worry – we can email this onto them for approval. This way we can speed up the whole system.

If claims are made outside the two week period they can be authorised by the Finance Manager (along with relevant Board Member) up to four weeks old, beyond that they will be referred to the Board at its next meeting.



The Jan Juc SLSC has proudly patrolled the Jan Juc beach since 1963 and is a volunteer, family oriented club offering Life Saving Services, Nippers Surf Education and Surf Sports Program, Senior Surf Sports Competition and Training.

Jan Juc Surf Life Saving Club Inc.

Email: info@janjucsurfclub.com.au
Office: 0475 265 820

10 Clubhouse Road, Jan Juc

Postal Address
PO Box 179, Torquay, Victoria, 3228

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